Tuesday, 30 July 2013

UK £3,000 Visa Bond: Nigerians Will Pay After All!

OUTCRY against its £3,000 tourists visa bond notwithstanding, Britain will commence the scheme in the six listed Commonwealth countries in November, Financial Times report quoted the Home Office as saying.
The Commonwealth countries to be affected by the policy which was announced in June are Nigeria, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
The affected countries are considered to be source of “high risk” tourists to the UK.
Some visitors from the six countries, under the scheme, will be asked to pay a £3,000 cash bond in return for visitor visas that allow them to stay in the UK for up to six months.
According to official data, these six countries accounted for more than half a million visa applications in 2012.
There have been outpours of anger by governments of the affected countries, especially Nigeria and India against the policy.
A protest in India last month forced the British Prime Minister David Cameron to declare that final decision had not been taken on the policy, while the Nigerian government asked Britain to renounce the scheme.
Anyways, it is final now. Nigerians will have to keep an extra N750,000 per person to visit the United Kingdom from November, 2013

Nigerian Jailed 90 years In US For Fathering Six Children With Own Daughters

Ayinde 1
An award-winning Nigerian music director, Aswad Ayinde, found guilty of fathering children with his daughters will spend the rest of his life in jail.
According to Mail Online, Ayinde, 55, of Paterson, New Jersey, United States, was sentenced to 50 years in prison on Friday after being found guilty in the second of five expected trials in which he is accused of repeatedly raping his six daughters, resulting in six children being fathered.
Mr. Ayinde was found guilty in his latest trial of having intercourse with a daughter when she was as young as eight-years-old. The second sentence adds to the 40 year sentence Mr Ayinde received in a 2011 trial for sexually assaulting a separate daughter.
Mr. Ayinde is known for directing the music video for the Fugees 1996 smash hit “Killing Me Softly.”

Bash Alli Demands N5Bn From Minister Of Sports For Assault

Bash Alli 1
You’ll recall the story of assault on Bash Alli by the security operatives attached to the Minister of Sports/Chairman National Sports Commission, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi last month.
Following the beating he allegedly received, Bash Alli has demanded the sum of N5billion as compensation from the Minister. He also threatened to seek redress in court to enforce his fundamental human rights after his demands were not “met on or before the 16th day of July, 2013.”
Alli, in a letter signed by his counsel, Mr. Emmanuel Subilim, and sent to  the Presidency, leadership of the National Assembly, Director-General State Security Service, President of the World Boxing Federation and the International Boxing Union, the boxer demanded an apology “for the gross violation of the dignity of his person and his fundamental rights.”
The boxer had accused the minister of allegedly frustrating his boxing project, which was inaugurated by the NSC in 2006 to promote sports development in Nigeria.
Alli alleged that he was assaulted on June 6, 2013, in Abdullahi’s office while trying to provide an enabling environment for his boxing project, which was said to have been approved by President Goodluck Jonathan.
The lawyer said in the letter, “Our client further tells us that instead of addressing his concerns, you instructed your armed aides, who are members of the Nigerian Police, to block and restrain our client’s freedom of movement.”
As at the time of this report, we learnt that the government was planning to set up a committee to look into Alli’s case.

Exposed: See DJ Khaled’s Real Wife [Photos]

Khaled 1
DJ Khaled proposed publicly to Nicki Minaj last week, and spoke more on his actions in a recent interview. Well for your information DJ Khaled is already married.
“I just had to be honest man, I always liked her, she’s my friend of course. I liked her, it’s more than a crush…,” said Khaled. “She out there hustling and I respect. I feel that I can take of her.”
Unless they recently broke up—Khaled is married to Nicole Tuck. The couple was spotted at the 2012 Grammy Awards (picture above). We can also confirm to you thatNicki Minaj is already engaged to her longtime boyfriend.
However, we gather that Khaled’s album, ‘Suffering from Success’ is due out on September 24th, so you can be sure the proposal was most likely just a publicity stunt.

Khaled 1
DJ Khaled proposed publicly to Nicki Minaj last week, and spoke more on his actions in a recent interview. Well for your information DJ Khaled is already married.
“I just had to be honest man, I always liked her, she’s my friend of course. I liked her, it’s more than a crush…,” said Khaled. “She out there hustling and I respect. I feel that I can take of her.”
Unless they recently broke up—Khaled is married to Nicole Tuck. The couple was spotted at the 2012 Grammy Awards (picture above). We can also confirm to you thatNicki Minaj is already engaged to her longtime boyfriend.
However, we gather that Khaled’s album, ‘Suffering from Success’ is due out on September 24th, so you can be sure the proposal was most likely just a publicity stunt.

Nigerian Judge Sacked In Gambia For Requesting N2.3m Bribe

As culled from The Herald
A Nigerian judge, Joseph Wowo, has been sacked from the Gambian judiciary for asking for a N2.3million bribe from a Gambian-based Dutch businessman in order to give him a favorable judgment in a land dispute case.
Delta State-born Wowo, who was a former President of the Gambian Court of Appeal, was caught on tape holding a secret meeting with the former Gambian Justice Minister, Lamin Jobarteh (who has also been sacked), a Dutch national, André Klaarbergen, and his Nigerian lawyer simply identified as Mene, negotiating a price to subverting the judgment of a Gambian High Court over a land dispute case, which Mr. Wowo agrees the Dutch rightly lost.
The tape, which has now been posted on internet video site, Youtube, has Wowo saying, “How much are you willing to offer first so that we can negotiate. You know my position; based on my position I’m not even supposed to come here in the first place. I’m the President of the Court of Appeal and now I’m acting Chief Justice,” he continued, openly admitting he was sabotaging the course of justice by even agreeing to be at the meeting.
“I’ve read your file at the Court of Appeal, (and) that is why I said you don’t have any case at the Court of Appeal. You will lose at the Court of Appeal because the way they deal with the case at the Court of Appeal, the lawyer messed it up. That is why I called your lawyer and said let us see how we can help you,” confirming that the lower court had made the right call in the case.
Jobarteh then cut in and suggested a quick resolution of the matter.
“The fact of the matter is that the error has been made and it’s irrecoverable. The issue now is how we can meet each other to correct the problem,” he said.
Wowo then demanded a bribe of 2.5 million Dalasi (N12.3 million) but Mr Klaarbergen, who complained that his business had been slow lately, offered to pay 500,000 Dalasi.
The disgraced attorney-general, with a tone of threat, then appealed to Wowo to accept the bribe.
“Come a time you people will come running to me and in view of all other consideration and the man’s financial predicament now, I appeal to you to accept the 500,000,” he said.
“Because of Justice Jobarteh, honourable minister, that is why I’m accepting,” Mr Wowo replied.
Even when the Dutch businessman expressed some reluctance and suggested talking to his partner, Justice Wowo asked him to “go and borrow” if he could not raise the agreed bribe.
Fearing prosecution, Mr Wowo is feared to have fled the Gambia furtively.  His whereabouts is currently unknown, and he did not respond to series of calls to his Gambian mobile telephone.

"I support the Underage marriage law because Nigerian men are already rapists-Kemi Olunloyo

The controversial Kemi who has declared her intention to run for Governor of Oyo state come 1015, posted this on her blog..Read Below
"I support the UNDERAGE marriage LAW but encourage any girl to say NO if they don't want to marry...YET!
Nigerians please start pushing the GAY marriage out too and get your wish and stop being cowards.

I changed my mind. Let these girls MARRY at their own will if they want.
Let them get an education if some rich or caring man wants to care for them.
From studying Nigerians, many of you are certified rapists, incestual and pure cruel to girls period. Read our Nigerian Tribune piece by Monica Taiwo how Nigerians are seriously ruining lives of girls.
Many girls have approached me @HipHossip on twitter and in person and phone telling me that family members violate them the most. Some however did not want to marry that young fearing they will lose their education. I will rather see them as small wives that are loved than rape and incest victims. Here in my hometown, the girls hawking in the motorparks are being raped all hours of the day and nobody does anything about it. You people are straight up frauds with the #ChildNotBride issue.
For some of you on my page who dig your fingers into 10 year old vaginas, God will punish you straight up! That is why your stupid lines have pens not penis, education not ejaculation etc. You are fucking corrupt in Nigeria secretly teaching them about sex in your lines and you dare collage these Senators as perverts and pedophiles. Long as the girls are not slaves I'm OK with it. 
Modern slavery of any kind will get you ripped my me. If you are gonna get them pregnant, take care of them. Most teen pregnancies happen in developed countriesby 15 anyway so my take is to take care of these girls. Nigerian men have been marrying out their daughters for ages. Being a law now is no big deal. Human rights here does not include gays and lesbians. Give everyone the right of marriage. LIKE America's DOMA, Marry who you love!
That Underage marriage bill will PASS!
Watch me inform teen girls about the bill in my hometown Ibadan and what they had to say. It was a wrong message at first but now I informed the girls of my changed decision to get their education and not be forced."

Oil Tycoon, Folorunsho Alakija, Acquires 4 Customized 2013 Mercedes Benz G-Wagons For 4 Sons

World's richest woman, Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, recently acquired four brand new customized 2013 luxury G-Wagons for her four sons at the rate of N22 million each. The oil tycoon who makes about $1m daily from her oil business is said to be worth over $600m and she also sits on a real estate portfolio worth over $100 million.Congrats to the guys. Happy cruising!

Girl Sets Boyfriend's range sport ablaze because he cheated on her?(photo)

Lol. I saw this photo on a friend's Dp last night and he said a girl caught her man cheating, she quietly bought fuel, set his newly acquired Range Sport on fire, and fled.The guy hears screams, comes out of his house and sees his Range Sport on fire.He faints...Lol. 

Now the responses i had from guys on my BB were hilarious.Many aid they would kill her.Over just a Range Sport? GUys na wah o
One said, burn his house, not his car..lol
I say , if you love her, whats a car?

"I Never Had A Girl Friend" – Covenant University’s Best Graduating Student

Michael Eromhonsele 
Michael Eromhonsele sacrificed romance for excellence and emerged the best graduating student of Covenant University in Ota, Ogun State at 20. He was the cynosure of all eyes at the eighth graduation ceremony of the Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, on Friday. He was the best graduating student of the institution. To achieve this feat, he obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.92, out of a possible 5.0, to beat 1,465 other undergraduates. 
Congrats dear! This is what we expect from our students - dedication to their books! TSB has summarized this lengthy read to make it easier for its readers. Continue to read more.

Factors that helped him to achieve that feat
he says, “First, I must acknowledge God’s favour and his assistance. 
Second, I did not entertain any form of distractions. I did not attend parties, and I did not have any girlfriend or what you may refer to as a lover. I concentrated on my studies.”

His study style? 
Eromhonsele reveals that apart from the serene environment in the school, which is conducive for learning, he loves to read late into the night.
According to him, he started reading from 10.00pm and he won’t stop until 1.00am.
“Those are the hours I found most convenient to read. As soon as I closed my book, I went to bed. I woke up at 7.00am, and got ready for my classes. Lectures start at 8.00am,” he adds.

Other Awards
Apart from being the best overall student, he was also the best in the College of Science and Technology where he studied Civil Engineering.

On His Parents
Eromhonsele, who is his parents’ second child, explains that they contributed in no small measure to whatever success he recorded in the university. He stresses that they constantly reminded him of his background and they advised him not to lose focus. 
“My parents were very supportive. They always reminded me of the home I’m from, and they also urged me to take my studies seriously,” he notes.
He explains that his mother, Charity Eromhonsele, is a business woman, while the father, Gabriel Eromhonsele, a civil engineer runs a consulting firm in Benin, Edo State. He says his father is a native of Igueben.

Eromhonsele had his primary school at the University of Benin Staff School, while he attended both University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School and Greater Tomorrow Secondary School for his junior and senior secondary school education.

What next?
After obtaining a first degree, what next for Michael?  Beaming with smiles, he says, “I have already got admission to University of Surrey in the United kingdom to read Structural Engineering for my Master’s degree. I chose this particular course because I feel the need to improve on the structural aspects of construction works.

On life after school
Eromhonsele is already missing his teachers and friends as he confesses, “Definitely, I miss my friends and the lecturers, most especially my course supervisors. But I am happy, it is for good.”
The eighth convocation event was not all about Michael alone. A total of 1,466 students graduated during the event tagged Release of Eagles 2013. The breakdown showed that 114 made first class, 720 made second class upper, 565 obtained second class lower division, while 67 were in the third class category.