Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Female or Male, who is more trustworthy?

Dear SKB Readers This issues of being honest and trustworthy has been a very sensitive issues,it's an issue that has destroyed so many homes and put an end to so many relationship. Men thinks women are not trustworthy while ladies also thinks men are the one who play pranks. But the truth is we're both in the game, when i say both in the game, you all know what i mean by that. Men has their own ways and so as women. According to a guy who had been in a 7 years relationship and suddenly the lady dumped him for another guy just because of money, then, the guy would say Women are wicked and according to a lady that her heart has just be broken by a guy she was in love with for 10 good years would also say, guys are not trustworthy. You know why they both has that conclusion? because they've gone through that line and they have the experience. So according to me, I say it's a circle. You betray someone today and another person betrays you tomorrow. That's a fact. Now, I will end my discussion by asking this question
 Male or Female, Who is more trustworthy? Your answer in the comments box below. Thanks

Ramadan! A Month of PEACE and BLESSINGS

Ramadan is a month in an Islamic calendar,it's a month of peace and good deeds, it's a month of  Blessings, it's a month that almighty ALLAH has set aside for  mankind to seek for forgiveness for whatever sins they've committed and stay away from those sins for the rest of their lives. A month that is better than one million months, a months that resolves the malice between husband and wife, bothers and sisters, friends from different mother. A month that you can ask ALLAH for anything with good faith and it's done in a blink of an eye. A months that brings two enemies together by eating on the same table, a months that encourages people to give without exitating. ALLAH AKBAR. Ramadan visits not just the MUSLIMS but the whole world once in a year, it's usually 29 or 30 days of praying and fasting, during the day and during the night. In the last Ten days of this holy month, there's a particular night which is being refers to as Laylatul-Qadr (the Night of Decree). It's a night that is better than one million nights.Though every day and nights of Ramadan has its meaning and plays  an important role in the lives of muslims but this particular night of the last ten days of Ramadan has a very important and effective role in the lives of muslims. On this night, a prayer session will be hold by every muslims asking ALLAH for whatever they want and also seeking Forgiveness from almighty ALLAH. My dear brothers and sisters, both muslims and non muslims, I call upon each and everyone of you, to please, let us make peace for ourselves, we're all one in the eye of the creator, no religion is bad and no religion is perfect. We should love one and another, we all fall in the same KIND which is called Mankind. Let us continue the good things, the love we share with everyone and the peace we've make during RAMADAN when the RAMADAN leaves us. It's not suppose to be just 30 days in a year that we should be doing all these things. These are the things we should be doing on a daily basis. God loves us, that's why HE created us in the same category, so why should we hate ourselves? Each and every religions on earth are good religions if we that are practicing them are good to ourselves. Say No To DISCRIMINATION SAY No To Racism and Say No to Religion's War. Thank you and remember to leave a comment below.