Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Developing An App For Your Business Made Easy With Blackbery App Generator

Dear SKB Readers,
Are you a Blogger, Website designer, App developer, Website Owner? etc, Do you wanna turn your web contents into an App and you want it to be available on Blackberry App World? Then it's easy to set up your app with Blackberry App Generator

Follow These Easy Steps

1. Go to

2.Click on "Create App"

3. A pop up box will appear and ask to enter your web address

4. Enter your web address and click on "Add contents" button below the box

5. A preview of your web contents will display at the right hand side of the screen

6. Click on "Done" button below and it's all ready.

NOTE: Blackberry World may have to review your App and ask you to provide additional information before Publish and it's takes about 48 Hours for that to be done. But no Cause for Alarm, Once your app meet the Rules and Regulations of Blackberry World, Your App will be approve and available for download on the Blackberry App World.

This works for me, that's why i'm sharing it for everybody to benefit, try it and remember to leave a comment.
Good luck