Wednesday, 31 July 2013

#BBATheChase BREAKING NEWS: Tanzania’s Nando Disqualified For Threatening To Stab Ghana’s Elikem

Big Brother has a 3 strike rule & Tanzania’s Nando has struck out!
According to the BBA website
After tonight’s Evictions that saw Annabel and Sulu being given the boot, Big Brother then gathered all of the Housemates in the living room.
Today Big Brother reproached Nando for the fight that he had with Elikem on Friday. The heated face-off with Elikem saw the two fellas exchanging fiery words between them. Nando is the one that instigated the fight. Instigation and provocation is a violation of the Big Brother rules.
“Any Housemate who becomes physically violent will be removed from the House immediately. Violence can refer to self-inflicted violence, or violence towards another. Violence includes provocation, goading, bullying and victimisation,” said Biggie.
This season Big Brother has imposed a Three Strike Rule, which will be applicable to Housemates who commit serious infringements. For this fight Nando received his second Strike and Elikem was served with his first Strike. Afterwards the Tanzanian was called into the Diary Room. He was given his third Strike for making threats against Elikem’s life, saying: “I feel like stabbing him. A nigga like that deserves to die”.
And he was also caught sleeping with scissors under his bed and this is not the first time that he has been caught with a weapon in the House. The troubled young fellow has had a dramatic nine weeks in The Chase. Last month he was served with a a Strike and a stern warning from Big Brother after he was found carrying a knife to the Channel O Party. The possession of weapons or intention to be violent in the House is another violation of the Big Brother rules.
After the Diary session Nando was told to immediately exit the House. Big Brother then gave a warning to the Housemates to conduct themselves as adults.

Selly (who was evicted last week) is somewhere in Ghana, laughing her head off! Remember last week Nando accused her of giving him an STD!

Visa Lottery Winner, Other Apprehended Over Scam Marriage

Adejayan and Adebisi 
Adetokunbo Adejayan and Juliet Adebisi have been arrested by the police Special Fraud Unit, Ikoyi, Lagos, for pretending to be married in order to secure a United States visa. The crime was said to have been brought to the notice of the SFU through a petition by the Assistant Regional Security Officer, United States Consulate General. Police investigation revealed that Adejayan and Adebisi were not husband and wife as claimed. See correct US Visa "runs'! Continue to read the rest of the story
It was discovered that the false union was arranged by one Segun and his syndicate, which specialise in teaming up US visa lottery winners with non-winners   for onward “smuggling” to the US. A statement by the SFU Public Relations Officer,  Ngozi Isintume-Agu, said, “Their method is to merge a visa lottery winner with a non-winner and package both to US. “In this case, the sum of N1.5m was paid by Adebisi and she was purportedly joined in matrimony with Adejayan, who genuinely won an American Visa lottery. Both suspects have made confessional statements that they are not legally married.”

Adeyanju, 35, who teaches in a secondary school   in  Mafoluku, Oshodi, was said to have won the lottery in May 2012. His statement to the Police read in part, “It was my brother’s friend who played the lottery for me and he was the same person who called to tell me that I had won.  He advised me to get a ‘wife’ before coming to the US. He then introduced me to Segun, assuring me that he (Segun) would help. “It was Segun that brought Adebisi for the arranged marriage and subsequent interview and visa.” Adebisi paid N1m to Segun in June 2012 to process her visa and another N500,000 for passports, medicals and training. 

The Commissioner of Police in charge of SFU, Mr. Tunde Ogunsakin, said, “It was Segun who booked the appointment for the suspects at the embassy as husband and wife. The fake marriage was arranged last year. “Investigation is ongoing and effort is on top gear to arrest Segun and his cohorts.  The arrested suspects will be charged to court soon.”

Photos & Video: Young Lady Asks Several Guys For Sex On The Street

Candid camera: Some men appear shocked and ask Andrea if she is serious, yet still agree to sleep with herEqual opportunity: Some of the men who say 'no' are with their girlfriends, who surprisingly don't seem angry about Andrea's approach
Easy approach: One man hesitates, but in the end says 'Why not?' and is shown walking off camera with AndreaNo hesitation: One man offers to have sex with her on the spot, while his friend appears to be in disbelief
A young and attractive woman who approached random men on the street for sex has revealed that half of them turned her down flat. The woman, known only as Andrea, was filmed for a YouTube segment titled: 'Asking Guys for Sex: A Social Experiment'. It saw her bluntly ask 14 men 'Do you want to have sex with me?' and recorded their reactions. Guys, kindly watch this hilarious video below and see their reactions ... If you caught your boyfriend on tape accepting to have sex with her, what would you do - experiment or not? 

Kenyan Socialite, Pendo, Alleges She Had Sex With "Endowed" Davido; He Denies It!

A ‘Kenyan socialite’ is claiming she slept with the young Nigerian singer this past weekend while he was in the country for a performance at the Bombaata Festival which also featured Nigerian artiste Ice Prince, singer Victoria Kimani and some other Kenyan acts. Staciey Brianar popularly known as Pendo is alleging she got to have a sexual encounter with the Davido hours after the concert ended, claiming to have hooked up with him at a Kenyan night club ‘Galileo’. But Davido’s manager Kamal has denied the story and explains that they were actually warned by the show’s publicist about the girl. He insists that Davido did not have any contact with Pendo. Continue to read Pendo's side of the story after her unclad picture ...

Here is Pendo's side of the story:
Pendo says she met up with Davido hours before the show through HKN Gang’s Deekay. 
I made my way there, got to at long last meet Deekay, my long-time pal from HKN and through him; I made my way to skyluxx for the play house party where all of us stuck up in the VIP area. I knew I had won my jackpot so there was nothing to worry about. As a matter of fact, he (Davido) had spotted me too; we talked in a way only the two of us could understand’, Pendo narrates.

Pendo says she wasn’t worried if Davido was going to choose another girl to take back to his hotel room after the ‘after party’ so she didn’t even bother going for the show…
I had my fun and made my way home ready for the big day as I said I was not worried, so there’s was no time in me hustling to go to the backstage as other girls did…no! I had my food ready to eat, after the event, my friend Deekay (HKN) buzzed me and asked me to turn up that he (Davido) was asking for me.
I made my way to Galileo with my girlfriends, I minded my own business until he spotted me and asked his DJ to come get me, I still had no rush to be seen hanging out with him or anything, so I sat down n had my drink that he offered’, she continues her story.

Pendo says when it was time to leave the hangout spot, the organizers thought it best for them to leave in separate cars just to avoid the media.
‘So David paid for my cab that followed them directly to the hotel located in Hurlingham. When I got there, he sent his deejay (DJ Olu) to give me his key card to his room as he talked to someone. He escorted me to the room and the rest is self-explanatory’.

Now, Pendo is known for spinning stories to get mentioned on blogs and social network (she’s also been mentioning @Iam_Davido on Twitter) so everybody is finding this story hard to believe. But then again, she must be one damn good storyteller too!

The young lady has even gone on to describe her alleged sexual encounter with the young pop star, revealing Davido is one of the best she’s ever done it with, describing him as ‘Perfect’.
‘He was perfect. He is much better than your ‘average Kenyan’. He is big. Both length and width and best part is he really knows what he is working with. He has crazy moves; he kept it fresh for a couple hours. I am impressed. Definitely the best, ok maybe not the best I ever had, but he is up there’, Pendo told another Kenyan blog, the African Eagle.

She also praised him for not only being a ‘good lover’ but also a gentleman.
‘Not only did he not publicise the affair, but he left me with some personal mementos to remember him. I don’t think a one night stand does that. Plus there is still communication going on. I’m not saying we are dating, but we are definitely still talking. He did not ‘hit it and quit it’.

Pendo also says she didn’t bother taking pictures and definitely didn’t do it for the money…
‘I didn’t get money from him. I didn’t want money from him. I did it simply because I find him hot and he is pretty legit in the music industry in Africa. Yeah, I am attracted by his talent, his fame, his power, but honestly, who isn’t?’, she said.

Kano Bomb Blast: Death Toll Hits 45

Kano-5-620x330There was still no clear figure yesterday of the dead in Monday’s multiple explolsions in Kano.
The army and the police said 12 people died, but the Igbo community claimed that the bombings killed 45.
The explosions tore through Sabon Gari, an area occupied mainly by non-indigenes.
No fewer than 24 died, according to an hospital official.
Kano is the North’s biggest and main commercial city, where Boko Haram had struck in the past.
No group has claimed responsibility for the explosions, which bear all the imprimatur of the notorious Islamist sect.
At least four explosions were heard around outdoor bars in Sabon Gari, causing panic and sending clouds of smoke and dust into the air, according to residents.
A Pentecostal church was also burnt down where many people died.
The President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Kano, Chief Michael Tobias Idika, who put the death toll at 45, said in a statement:
“On Monday, July 29, between 9 and 9:30 pm, terrorists invaded Sabon Gari, an enclave carved out for non-natives, and planted Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), which exploded almost simultaneously at Enugu/Igbo Road, near International Hotel; and on New Road, directly opposite the popular Ado Bayero Square—precisely at No. 38, 39, 40 and 41.
“At 41 New Road, the Christ Salvation Pentecostal Church was also bombed at the peak of evening worship. Ohanaeze’s account can confirm 39 deaths in New Road and six in Igbo/Enugu Road; and also unspecified number of people got injured.
“The team of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Kano State chapter, arrived at the scenes at about 9:30 p.m. and witnessed the movement of bodies and the wounded by security agencies, especially the Army.
“Ohanaeze Ndigbo, however, can recall that this is not the first time terrorists have invaded Sabon Gari, particularly, New Road. In fact, on that same spot where the latest incident happened, several attempts have been made to terrorise Nigerian citizens. As a reputable organisation, we call for adequate security of lives and property in northern Nigeria.
“Ohanaeze Ndigbo also commends the spirited efforts of the Assistant Inspector General of Police David Omojola in-charge of Zone 1, who was accompanied by the Commissioner of Police, Musa Daura, to the scene of the incident for on-the-spot assessment.
However, without fear of contradiction, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Kano registers its deep feelings over the unprovoked attacks on Sabon Gari, Kano, dominated by Ndigbo.
“At this point, Ohanaeze Ndigbo calls on President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to make haste and protect the lives of citizens resident in the northern part of the country, particularly, in Kano, with undisputed status of boosting economy and politics in Nigeria.
“To all the departed souls and the wounded in this grievous attack, we register our deep sympathy and only hope that those in authorities, including all security agencies, would brace and take decisive action to end this carnage – man’s inhumanity to man.”
Another community Leader Prince Ajayi Memaiyetan, said: “What happened is that for the past two months, we in Kano have been enjoying peace of the graveyard.
“We are waiting for security agencies to give us details on what really happened. I was at Festing Road when I heard the first blast and I had to manoeuvre like other residents to run for dear life. The truth is that the security is not as effective as before because of the lull in attacks.”
Residents of Sabon Gari were going about their activities in silent anger, anguish and apprehension yesterday.
The military, which has been battling the insurgents across the North, especially in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states that are under a state of emergency, said packages that caused the explosions were left in the area.
“We have at the moment 24 bodies in our morgue and three patients in our emergency ward from the explosions in Sabon Gari last night,” said Aminu Inuwa, spokesman for the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital in Kano, who was quoted by French News Agency (AFP)
“The dead had shrapnel wounds on them,” he added.
Residents described the area as being littered with the personal belongings of those who ran in fear once the explosions began.
Kano police, in a statement by its spokesman Magaji Majia, an ASP, said: “Multiple explosions at Enugu/Igbo Road and New Road at about 2100 hours, the incident occurred at a Tavern known as Mary Cool and Zuma Cool Spot, respectively.
“As a result, 12 died on the spot, 12 injured, 19 vehicles parked at the scenes damaged. Bodies and the injured were to Government Hospitals in the state. We are still monitoring events as investigations remain in progress.”
Authorities of 3 Brigade, Nigerian Army in Kano, also confirmed 12 dead in the multiple attacks.
Captain Ikedichi Iweaha, spokesman of the Brigade, in a statement, said: “At about 2105 hours 29 July 13 (five minutes after nine pm), sounds of simultaneous explosions were triggered by persons suspected to be members of the Boko Haram terrorist group between numbers 38 – 41 New Road and Igbo Road by Enugu Road, all in Sabon Gari area of Fagge Local Government Council of Kano State.
“Twelve persons were confirmed to have died from both incidents while a couple of others who sustained various degrees of injuries were rushed to hospitals for medical attention.
“This latest incident could have been avoided if citizens maintain vigilance to observe when packages are dropped as it was in this case contrary to reports circulating in some section of the media of the attack being one by suicide bombers.
“You may recollect that the JTF had urged residents of Kano metropolis to keep an eye on their environment as members of the terrorist sect had planned to drop packages in bags or cartons in areas with high human traffic.
“While the JTF and other security agencies will not rest on their oars to rid the state of all terrorist elements, the general public is enjoined to report promptly, all unattended packages or suspicious persons to the closest security agency for immediate action.
“The JTF and other security agencies will continue to count on the support and cooperation of the people of Kano to achieve an atmosphere of peace conducive for business.”